ARMS v2.8 Logo
ARMS® V2.8 is brought to you with enhanced functionalities
We take end-user feedback seriously, to constantly improve our product. V2.8 incorporates many new features:

Improved performance and stability
– The improved N-Tier architecture renders better performance and handles greater transactional loads with ease, thus ensuring higher scalability.
– Event driven architecture (EDA) with reactive messaging framework boosts overall system performance
– V2.8 reduces the demand on server resources, making it more cost efficient
– The new architecture renders better reliability, uptime, availability and resilience

Superior user experience (UX) across the suite
– New UI framework of V2.8 ensures consistency and better usability
– Users can expect quicker response time and easier navigation across functions
– Allows easier and faster customization of the UI
– A collection of self-service tools empowers the end-user with enhanced output flexibility … e-Form Designer, MIS Reports Writer and EIS Dashboards with MS Power BI

Ease and speed of delivering customizations and changes
– The new multi-tier architecture makes V2.8 more flexible to accommodate constantly changing operational needs, that demand frequent customization and parameterization

Higher scalability and flexibility of deployment models
– V2.8 is highly elastic, wherein system resources can be scaled up or down easily and on-demand
– The new system architecture offers the flexibility to deploy on public/ private cloud or on-premise, with no significant change in infrastructure design

Enhanced remote training and support delivery through online services
– Based on the new normal of working-from-home, we provide training and support services online.
– This gives you any-time, any-place access to online learning and training resources, enabling faster end-user adoption

Empowers your staff with true mobility solutions
– Your mobile workforce interacts with the system through smartphone interfaces as a preferred standard
– e-Forms deployed on tablets and smartphones pave the way for a paperless environment
– With V2.8, your staff is always informed through real-time notifications, pushed to their mobile devices

Data Warehouse and Analytics – now a standard feature of V2.8
– The already unified database of ARMS® now has a MS Azure DWH component as an integral and standard option.
– Together, this formidable combination empowers you to exploit your data as never before … for intelligence, insights and predictive analytics


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