ATC Staff Management System

ATC Staff Management System (ASMS)
An integral component of ARMS® Airport Solutions

A comprehensive human resource management solution (HRMS) for air traffic control (ATC) personnel.


Staff Records and Rostering Module (SRM)


Staff Records and Rostering Module (SRM): enterprise-class management tool for ATC staff planning, scheduling and monitoring. The system continuously tracks recency of Training, Qualifications & Documents; automatically generates fair and compliant roster; manages leave, bidding, swaps and requests

– Up-to-date personal and professional records
– To-do list for tracking of recency, rating and qualifications
– Documentation of all staff
– Monitor and notify expiry of Training, Qualifications & Documents (TQD)
– Up-to-date shift and duty logs for automated recency monitoring
– GDPR/ PDPR compliant for sensitive personal information

Training Management
– Long-term planning for initial/ induction training
– Scheduling of recurrent training, auto/ manual assignment of trainers and trainees
– Web/ tablet – based e-Forms for evaluation, assessment and training completion
– Continuous oversight on competence and proficiency of staff
– Training status viewable from Staff Web Portal and Smartphone App
Option for integrating with LMS (learning management system)

Leave Management
– Highly customizable and parameterizable leave rules engine to accommodate all statutory regulations, organizational policies and union agreements
– A manpower planning tool establishes staff availability vs. requirement, indicating
annual/ vacation leave vacancies
– Leave vacancies are awarded through an innovative bidding process, ensuring equitability and fairness
– Staff can view entitlement, apply for leave and check application status through Staff Web Portal and Staff Mobile App; includes auto-notifications on leave application status
– A user definable, multi-level leave approval workflow
Option for integrating with enterprise HRMS (human resource management system)

Scheduling & Rostering
– Defined Shifts, Shift Patterns, Teams, Staffing compliment for various Duty Stations
– A user definable ‘Rules Engine’ ensures compliance with:
– Statutory Duty Time Limits (DTL)
– Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) aligned with ICAO FRMS guidelines [Doc 9966]
– Union rules and agreements.
– Pre-Assignment of Training, Leave and other office duties
– Auto/ Manual Assignment of shift patterns, duties, training
– Provides for stand-by/ reserves to cover contingencies
– Produces fair, equitable, legal and compliant rosters

Personalized Rostering
– Requests – accommodates specific individual ad-hoc requests for duties, offs and shifts.
– Preferences – guides the rostering staff to consider individual preferences, priorities, reductions, etc., to the extent possible
– Bidding – a conflict-free way of awarding high demand ‘roster elements’ e.g., duties, standby, off, leave, vacation slots and shifts. Whenever demand exceeds supply, the module automatically converts the roster elements into ‘bid objects’ which then get resolved through the user-definable ‘tie-breaker’ engine. Bids can be submitted via Staff Web-Portal or Mobile App
– Swaps – allows exchange of assignments between similarly qualified staff members; the module has two modes:
Mutual – one-to-one swaps between two similarly qualified staff with mutual consent.
Swap Board – one-to-many/ many-to-one swaps, resolved using the ‘tie-breaker’ if demand exceeds supply.
– Tie-breaker – is a mechanism that resolves demand-supply gaps applying user-definable attributes and criteria to award bids to winners with transparency and fairness.
– RESOLUTION: Whenever the demand for any of the above Personalized Rostering elements exceeds supply (availability), the element is automatically converted to a bid object and gets resolved through the ‘Tie Breaker’ logic.

MIS Reports and EIS Dashboards
A Reports Writer helps create reports for management on available data as per requirement
– EIS Dashboards are created using MS Power BI for analytics and insights
– Reports can be exported in multiple formats and scheduled to be pushed to users or pulled on demand

Watch Managers’ Console (WMC)


Watch Manager’s Console (WMC): work station for the Watch Manager to monitor and control the day’s roster and assignments on duty stations

• Mark shift attendance against roster, including late reporting and early sign-off
• Record sick reports, fatigue reports and No Shows
• Approval of last-minute contingency leaves
• Recall reserves from stand-by pool to cover shortfalls
NOTE: System can also be configured to automatically generate recalls, based on user-definable policy; recall notifications to staff are delivered via Staff Web Portal or Mobile App.
• Three-way mapping of Duty Stations with ATC consoles and Duty Watch Logging Kiosks
• Remote Configuration of Shift and Duty Monitor (SDM) and Watch & Duty Logging Kiosks (WDL)
• Audio- visual pop-up draws Watch Manager’s attention to ‘Press-For Assistance’ (PFA) event, triggered by ATCOs from their WDL Kiosks
• Watch Manager can upload and manage messages on Shift Duty Monitor (SDM) and WDL Kiosks on the ticker-tape area
• Continuous view of up-to-date NOTAMs and Weather

Watch & Duty Logging Kiosks (WDL)


Watch & Duty Logging Kiosks (WDL): MS Surface based kiosk with integrated biometric/ smartcard readers; records watch-on/ off events for automated logging of duty and watch hours

• An industrial-grade kiosk enclosure in a tamper-proof casing, comprising:
– MS Surface Go tablet (in kiosk mode)
– Option for bio-metric/ smartcard/ barcode sensors
– Secure mounting assembly
• Connects to the system wirelessly with built-in LTE card or Wi Fi.
• WDL is configured and controlled remotely through WMC, including device management and power on/off controls. WMC can also configure more than one duty console on a single WDL, for logging individual watch hours by the ATCOs
• ATCOs on-roster can log ‘watch-on’ and ‘watch-off’ events on the WDL, auto-populating the log-books and recency towards ratings. Staff info’ of the ATCO on-watch against the duty station is displayed on the WDL screen.
• Press-for-assistance (PFA) button for ATCOs to seek supervisory assistance

Shift and Duty Monitor (SDM)


Shift and Duty Monitor (SDM): a large screen display of duty station manning status, updated in real-time

• A large screen monitor displaying up-to-date status of ATCOs on-shift manning each duty station., comprising:
– Large public display monitor 42 to 96 inches and wall mounting brackets
– Self-contained mini PC (NUC), connected to the system through LAN/ Wi Fi
– Bluetooth keyboard and mouse
• The SDM display comprises:
– List of ATCOs on the roster along with attendance status
– Gantt view of ATCOs on watch, with pucks indicating duration spent at duty station
– Puck turns amber/ red if the duration on duty exceeds pre-defined limits
– A ‘ticker-tape’ area at the bottom of the screen displays important messages from WMC and critical weather/ NOTAM warnings
• During shift changeover, the SDM displays both current and next rosters, the duration of which is configurable
• A Gantt line on the SDM blinks along with an audio chime, when the PFA button on a WDL Kiosk is pressed by an ATCO. The audio chime volume is controllable and can be muted

Staff Web Portal (SWP)


Staff Web Portal (SWP): a web-based utility enabling ATC staff to seek information, interact and transact with the system … bidding, swaps, leave, claims, notifications and messaging

• A secure browser App designed for all current gen browsers for staff to access personal and work information.
• Comprises four distinct sections:
– Staff Personal Area
– Notice Board Area – including a must-read section,
– eDocs and e-forms library
– Quick Links section to important websites.
• A Staff Personal Area hosts utilities for efficiency at the workplace and empowerment of staff, with dedicated sections for:
– Personal details
– Leave application and status
– Bid input and status
– Duty Swapping
– Requests and Preferences
– Personal Log Book
– Training, Qualifications & Documentation (TQD) status
– Recency status and ratings validity
– View Duty Roster & Training schedule

Staff Mobile application (AOM)


Staff Mobile application (AOM): a mobile alternate to the Staff Web Portal. This platform-agnostic smartphone client enables ATC staff to view information, interact and transact with the system, anyplace, anytime

• Based on the ARMS on Mobile® framework, this mobile App is platform agnostic and may be downloaded from respective app stores on personal smartphone devices (BYOD).
• An Admin Console controls device registration and user rights management.
• AOM features include:
– Personal details
– Leave application and status
– Bid input and status
– Duty Swapping
– Requests and Preferences
– Personal Log Book
– Training, Qualifications & Documentation (TQD) status
– Recency status and ratings validity
– View Duty Roster & Training schedule
– Notification & Acknowledgements for duty change and recalls

ASMS Technical Specs


• Secure Client Server technology based on MS Windows platform
• Flexible deployment options – on premise, on private/ public/ hybrid cloud.
• Robust administrative features:
– Assigning rights and privileges to users
– Controlling all devices … desktops, laptops, kiosks, web-browser, mobile app
– Log of critical events with audit trail
– Parameterization of business rules and master settings
• High Availability design – configurable from 98% to 99.99%
• High redundancy and resilience – option for Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) supporting organizational Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
• Secure and encrypted – compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR regulations
• Modern, intuitive UI – built around ease of use, quicker adoption by the mobile generation


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