ARMS on Mobile® – AOM

An extension of the ARMS® Suite on the Tablet and Mobile environment to empower the workforce with mobility and connectivity.

AOM is the mobile client for ARMS® V 2.5, covers a wide spectrum of applications within the suite, operating on iOS, Android & Windows devices alike.

It enables access and empowers crew while in their operating environments and on the move.

What AOM does

Being the mobile client of ARMS® V2.5, operations crew on the move can see and act on specific data and information from various sub-systems. The extension is available on all smartphones – iOS, Android, and Windows – enabling staff with unified communications, interaction, notification and coordination (UCINC).


How It Works

  • The server component of AOM manages content, users and devices enabling the solution to be bespoke and user specific
  • The smartphone APP is platform agnostic and offers solutions for Air Crew, Cabin Crew and any other ground crew and staff, including executive management
  • The smartphone APPs are customizable both in content and in styles to make it user and usage specific


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • Check status of crew Training, Qualifications and document validity
  • View roster and other duty assignments including dead-head and training
  • Input bids, requests and mutual swaps
  • View HOTAC and other crew logistics information
  • Check duty logs and FDTL status
  • Apply for leave, Staff Travel, Leave Travel Allowances and view application status
  • Check flight status and timings (includes facility for crew to input OOOI timings)
  • Preview weather briefings and NOTAMs
  • View and acknowledge notifications from management

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