ARMS on the TAB® – AOT

A wide spectrum of applications designed for latest generation Tablets and Smart Phone devices (iOS, Android & Windows), in two categories

EFB – Electronic Flight Bag
EFF – Electronic Flight Folder
ETL – Electronic Tech Log

IFSM – In-Flight Sales Management. A cabin solution for crew to perform their duties with ease and efficiency in flight

What AOT does

AOT is intended for cockpit, cabin and engineering crew. Its frontend is app based, with different apps addressing different crew functional areas. Its UI renders to ideal specs for workplace ambient conditions of light and visibility and is compliant to global standards. AOT works on all devices – iOS, Android and Windows.

The AOT backend architecture is designed for migration by operators to tablet-based mobility initiatives. Scalable and tiered, it has an independent API centric layer that enables it to connect with various 3rd party technologies and connectors for collaboration and interaction. AOT complies with industry and regulator standards, provides selected functionalities and applications on tablets while remaining fully integrated with the ARMS® Suite.


How it works

  • Server Side – manages content, users and devices, enabling the solution to be mission specific and secure
  • Tablet APPs – cover solutions for EFB (electronic flight bag), EFF (electronic flight folder) and ETL (electronic tech log). Other features include eDocs (electronic documents) and eForms (electronic forms)
  • Offline capability – all apps can work offline and sync’ and exchange data when online, with the backend or fellow 3rd party application. A backend Communications Controller ensures that content on the server and the tablets are always synchronized even in off-line mode (during fight). eForms data gets downloaded to the server when connected, or information to a 3rd party is sent via established links, formats and protocols


List of Modules & Functionalities

For Flight Deck Crew

  • eDOCs Library
  • Tripkits/ Flight Plan
  • Airfield Charts (from AIPs or 3rd party commercial sources)
  • RTOW, AOM, other charts
  • Online eForms (including ETL, training completion, etc.)
  • Applications: Load & Trim and OEM APPs

For Cabin Crew

  • In-Flight Sales (Duty Free, F&B, etc.)
  • Electronic Manuals & Announcement Cards (eDOCs)
  • Passenger Manifest with LOPA diagrams
  • Passenger Loyalty Program and preferences
  • Online eForms (Cabin Defect Log, Service Quality Audits, etc.)
  • Customer Feedback eForms

For Maintenance Crew (MNE)

  • ETL – Electronic Tech Log
  • EWP – Electronic Work Packs
  • eDOCs and eForms – online technical publications library and electronic forms
  • NRC – online Non-Routine Cards
  • Online Material or Stores Requisition
  • Real-time view of data, e.g., aircraft movements from flight operations and MCC systems

For Other Staff

AOT also has modules that can be plugged into on-line and off-line APPs for ground staff, e.g., airport managers, ground handlers, traffic staff, etc. and for BI and data analytics dashboards for the management. Examples are:


  • FLIVIZ 3D Flight Visualizer Module
  • FDM based Exceedance Monitoring and Analysis Module
  • FDM based Raw Data & Flight Summary Module
  • CVR Playback and Transcription Module
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Module

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