What FOSS does

Forms the neural network behind an Operations Control Centre (OCC) of an airline, keeping every operational element in sync’ with each other, allowing for complete control over operations, keeping full visibility of fleet movements in the real-time, managing disruptions optimally and efficiently, while minimizing risks.

  • Assigns aircraft tails for the Day/ Period of operation (optimal tail for the job)
  • Proactively manages the schedule for punctuality; ensure On Time Performance
  • Looks ahead, pre-empts problems and conflicts before they cause disruptions
  • Provides a comprehensive Fleet Watch: tracks flights, monitors fuel on board, ETA, weather and NOTAMs; spots trouble before it disrupts operations
  • Communicates with all agencies through unified messaging and notifications; stay in sync, no communication gaps, everyone on the same page
  • Manages disruptions optimally; advises on most efficient recovery solution ensuring Ops personnel are in consistent control


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • Fleet Controller Terminal (FCT)
  • Tail Assignment Optimizer (TAO)
  • Remote Movement Messaging (RMM)
  • Horizontal Situation Display (HSD)
  • Day Of Ops Status Boards (DOP)
  • Weather Display (WXD)
  • Flight Status Module (FSM)
  • Message Management Module (MSM)
  • Notification Module (NTM)
  • ATC Slot Manager Module (SMM)

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