What FPDS does

Everything flight dispatchers and crew need, to plan optimally, dispatch and operate flights safely and efficiently, with special focus on overall cost reduction and fuel conservation

  • Builds and analyzes routes and suggests best options for optimized routing. Factors in tankering and other optimization parameters to recommend lowest cost solutions
  • Auto-computes optimal Operational Flight Plan (OFP) based on latest weather forecast, actual payload data from CRS/ DCS and other company defaults, factoring in operational and maintenance constraints triggered by MEL
  • Auto-checks and warns crew and dispatchers of any critical weather, NOTAMs and MEL implications on safety and performance
  • Validates selected route and flight plan and files clearances automatically
  • Caters for re-routing in-flight to accommodate dynamically changing operational scenarios
  • Provides a centralized facility to publish trip-kits on web portal or EFB/ EFF applications
  • Provides visibility of the flight planning activities on a consolidated Flight Information Board, cautioning dispatchers of any critical warnings affecting safe dispatch.


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • Flight Information Board
  • Route Builder
  • Operational Flight Planning
  • Pre-Flight Documentation (Trip Kit)
  • Route Analysis
  • Reroute In Flight
  • Desk Allotment
  • Weather Briefing
  • Load & Trim
  • Aircrew Self Briefing
  • FPDS Databases (NAV, WX, Airfield, NOTAMS, Ac Performance)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL) / Configuration Deviation List (CDL) Reader

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