What FCAM does

FCAM is a fuel consumption monitoring and analytics toolset for implementing and analyzing the effectiveness of an Airline’s Fuel Conservation Program, with a focus on total cost of operations.

  • It collates the required data from various Data sources: DFDR / QAR, OPS, Tech log, and CFP for fuel analysis, which includes among others, Planned Consumption vs Actual, SOP Compliance, Consumption Records, Planned vs Actual Flight Trajectories. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are then used to build detailed statistical analysis giving graphical and tabular summaries of consumption trends and deviations from Planned fuel / SOP.
  • Identifies specific KPIs for monitoring & measurement
  • Collates all data required for in-depth analysis
  • Helps in IOSA, EU-ETS compliance
  • Proactively Controls Fuel Burn


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • ADMIN MODULE – to control the system user environment for setup and access control, defining user rights and privileges down to form and report level, also, logs and reports activity and violations.
  • FUEL CONSUMPTION DASHBOARD – the landing page in FCAM after login, it provides an infographic of plan vs actual fuel consumption, deviation for the flights. Filters are available to help drill down for further analysis of the selected flights, including snapshot parameter values, detected SOP deviations, vertical and horizontal profile deviations (plan vs actual) etc.
  • DATA COLLATION – collates the data from various data sources: DFDR/ QAR, OPS, Tech log, and CFP for fuel analysis. Auto collation happens if integrated with other sub-systems of ARMS®; collation from 3rd party tools can be implemented using ETL technologies; collation includes inbuilt quality checks to block bad data.
  • FUEL ANALYSIS – to perform various analysis like plan vs actual vertical / horizontal flight profile deviation, Fuel consumption records (snapshot parameters), Exceptions check (by comparing FDM actual fuel and CFP fuel), SOP compliance check – looping into follow-up actions across the flight/ SOP compliance items with corrective/ preventive action response leading to closure of analysis loop.
  • BI AND DATA ANALYTICS MODULE – user configurable Dashboards, SPI / KPI Dashboard, Predictive Analytics, Executive monthly report, Top ‘N’, Performance, Plan vs Actual and many more. Chart tool allows users to select chart type, plan vs actual, average fuel consumption, SOP deviations on x/y/z axis with various combinations of aircraft, pilot and sector. Chart tool includes the features like save filter, export to excel, drill down, etc.

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