What LIMS does

Manage the supply chain efficiently to ensure just-in-time availability of spares and materials, thus controlling costs.

  • Manages all the supply chain, logistics and inventory related operational activities ensuring optimum stock holding and just-in-time positioning of spares and materials.
  • Involves the integration of inventory information, procurement, packaging, transportation, material handling, warehousing and store management; wherein Procurement, Receipt & Dispatch, and Stores functions are all seamlessly integrated to ensure free and seamless workflows between the engineering, maintenance and logistics end-users.


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • Inventory Master (INV) with IPC integration
  • Vendor Management (VEN)
  • Purchase & Procurement Module (PPM)
  • Planning, Provisioning & Forecasting (PPF)
  • Stores Management (SMM)
  • Receipt & Dispatch (RDM)
  • Workshop/ Repairs Coordination (WRC)
  • Logistics MIS Reports (LMR)
  • Finance Management (FIN)

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