Distance Education Learning and Training Academy on the Net

Delta.Net® modernizes and automates conventional pedagogy with a futuristic approach to learning, teaching and training. Through innovative implementation of IT, Multimedia and Computer Graphics, the system has been especially designed for “curriculum-based” training establishments and educational institutions that are constrained by cost, time, geographical limitations, human resources and training assets.

Delta.Net® typically addresses most present-day corporate learning & development (L&D) initiatives, most of all:

  • Web-enabled Distance Education
  • e-Learning Computer or Web-Based-Training
  • Technology for Education
  • Educational Management Information System

What Delta.Net® does

The system integrates multiple InfoTech disciplines into a single solution, e.g.,

  • Learning Management
  • Computer Managed Instruction
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
  • Education Management Information Systems
  • Performance Support
  • Human Resource Management
  • Campus & Establishment Resource Planning


What it does

Uses Computer-Assisted-Instruction (CAI) tools – for Instructor-led-training in the classroom, enabling lecture preparation by the instructor on system and delivery in the classroom

Is completely paperless – replacing books, journals, library manuals with the Integrated Document Management System (IDMS) with documents in e-formats, e.g., PDF
Manages resources efficiently – e.g., articles, white papers, reports, etc via its in-built knowledge management system (KMS), available on the web

Enables collaborative training – with its Collaborative Training System (CTS) with emulation, networked simulation and collaborative exercises

Has a smart Testing, Assessment & Grading System (TAGS) – which is an ON & OFF-LINE assessment + grading, self-evaluation system with a dynamic FAQ bank

Has its own Campus/ Institution Management (CIMS) – that manage infrastructure, assets, personnel, library and conducts planning, scheduling & rostering of all resources and assets

Replaces self-study and assignments – like class/ home-work, projects & practicals with Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), Computer Managed Instruction (CMI), Learning Management System (LMS), all delivered through web-based modules


List of Modules & Functionalities

Teaching Module – Computer Assisted Instruction – CAI – A tool for Teachers/ Instructors. It automates the process of lecture preparation in compliance with standard training practices (STPs) and provides on-line access to Knowledge Resources and manages the delivery of interactive multimedia content in the classroom for enhanced elucidation.

Learning Module – Computer Assisted Learning – CAL – A Learning + Knowledge management system that manages the use and delivery of curriculum-based knowledge resources, interactive multimedia CBT/WBT courseware and self-assessment tools.

Group Exercises Module – Collaborative Training System – CTS – A peer training that involves teamwork, it integrates PCs on a network and provides low-cost, PC-based simulation systems and emulation devices

Assessment Module –Testing, Assessment & Grading System – TAGS – A system for on & off-line assessment with automatic invigilation, evaluation, assessment and grading capabilities.

Assessment Management Module – Content Management Tools – CMT – Allows the users to manage, modify, edit and append the multimedia content with administrative control.

Institutional Administration Module – Campus/ Institutional Management System – C/IMSAn ERP, MIS and HRM system for effective management of campus, infrastructure and personnel resources; also includes Decision Support, Scheduling and Disruption Management.

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